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Eloquent X Keele University's 'Reinvent' Project

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Eloquent Dance Company and Keele University have set out on an innovative project called 'Reinvent'. Together we aim to revolutionise the way young people engage with their health through the art form of dance. The project consists of two workshops and a grand celebration event, these have been designed to facilitate the sharing of insights between our young people, Eloquent Staff, and Keele Researchers. All workshop events will take place within the dynamic confines of Eloquent Centre's dance studios.

**First Workshop (May 30th)**:

The commencement of the first workshop started on May 30th, On this day we explored the

concept of 'good health' amongst our dancers. We delved into the latest research from Keele University while integrating fun and practical exercises, which led on to thought-provoking debates driven by the perspectives of the young participants. Additionally, each one of our young dancers received a specially designed T-shirt, symbolizing their contribution to the project's collaborative vision. As well as this attendees also received complimentary lunches, snacks, and these unique T-shirts.

**Second Workshop (July 26th)**:

The second workshop, happened on July 26th from 11 am to 3 pm, In this set they continued the journey of discovery and exploration initiated from the first workshop. This workshop was very enriching in experience, As they built on the foundations laid during the initial gathering. Jenai Daley (university art student) captured activity of both events throughout the day, she did this via animated mood board drawings.

Thelma's Catering went above and beyond to ensure student satisfaction by offering a well-balanced meal selection. Students were treated to a diverse spread that included refreshing smoothies, an array of mouthwatering grilled chicken options, and a delightful assortment of salads, all carefully curated based on the preferences of the students themselves.

**Celebration Event (October 7th)**:

The culmination of this ground breaking project will take place on October 7th. The celebration event will provide an opportunity for researchers and young participants to share the knowledge and insights they have gained throughout the workshops. There will also be the opportunity for Parents of the students that took part to participate and be a part of the collaboration event.

In summary, the Eloquent Dance Company and Keele University's 'Reinvent' project promises to redefine the boundaries of health and dance for young individuals. Through these workshops and a grand celebration, participants will not only gain valuable knowledge but also contribute to a visionary partnership that could shape the future of your youths well-being.

A special thanks to Keele University, NIHR and partners, who jointly funded this project.

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